Advanced Glass Tinting in Melbourne is an authorized film installer for is the leading online supplier of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certified, USA made, window tinting films in Australia. The solar control films supplied by Tinting Direct are energy rated, meaning the performance data has been independently tested and verified as true. Why take a risk?

1/2 the price of competitors
A 50% saving is what you can expect when you buy window tinting online direct from the importer without the wholesaler and retailer mark-up.

Your film Installer in Melbourne
When you buy the best, low price, window film online from Tinting Direct, choose Advanced Glass Tinting in Melbourne for film installation. We meet the international visual quality standard for applied film

Please Note:

We do not install Bunnings window film called Pillar Products. We recently attempted to install Bunnings window film for a customer but we were unsuccessful because the film is so thin it creased and tore during installation. We have been installing window film for over 20 years and have never before found a film that we could not install - and Bunnings sell this film as a DIY product. Buyer Beware!

We specialize in glass tinting office and home windows, the installation of safety and security film, and decorative, dusted and frosted film for privacy in Melbourne CBD and suburbs.

Advanced Glass Tinting has joined the film installer (window tinter) network.

  • People buying window tinting online for a Melbourne home or office to save money will probably want the film to be installed professionally. We provide a film installation service to Tinting Direct customers. imports the highest quality window films made in the USA and energy rated and sells the film at a lower price than competitors from their Brisbane warehouse.

  • Their online costing system let people calculate how much window tinting in Melbourne should cost. A quote is emailed to you for the film and for installation.
  • The company gives customers a 15% discount for measuring their own windows (this is the commission other companies pay to their sales representatives) .
  • While reading a tape measure is fairly easy, most customers want the film installed professionally and the job is referred to a film installation company, like Advanced Glass Tinting

Advanced Glass Tinting is an old Melbourne window tinting business that found it could not compete with Tinting Direct on price for their high quality US made films – so, we joined the installer network to provide a high quality film installation service to their Melbourne customers.

  • When you place a film order with Tinting Direct, for Melbourne window tinting please choose Advanced Glass Tinting to do the installation

Advanced Glass Tinting adheres to the International Standard for window film installation.

  • we replace any film that does not meet the standard.

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